Our quality wine presses are designed specifically for the boutique producer and are manufactured in Europe to the highest possible standards and materials. We stock a range of ratchet and water presses that range in capacity from 25 litres to 80 litres.

Grape presses are available in two primary configurations, the Water Press and the Basket Presses.

Water Press

Idropress replicates winery style bag presses with an internal bag that inflates and presses the fruit 360degress to the external cage for a quick and efficient press. The Idropress has a very thin press cake combined with a huge internal surface area allowing the grape must to be pressed evenly against the entire inner surface of the Idropress. The resulting thin cake (instead of the thick block you have with an ordinary press), makes juice extraction far easier and increases yield. You get more and better juice with less work! A regulator and pressure gauge allow easy control of the press. The bag is inflated with water at a working pressure of 2.5 bar with an easy loading and unloading of fruit must and a quick turn around on each pressing cycle compared to traditional basket presses. All parts in contact with the juice are constructed in stainless steel. The Idropress membrane is made of non-toxic rubber. Ideal for fruit pressings with the optional filter bag for pectin dosed musts. Idropresses are lighter, take up less space and work far quicker than traditional basket presses of similar basket sizes.

Basket Press

The basket ratchet head press is the traditional press using a ratchet head pressing down the must to extract juice. These are the most economical wine presses available. Basket sizes vary depending on volume and are available in wood & stainless steel.

What size press?

There is no steadfast rule on what size press will be suitable BUT we do recommend that a press be viewed as a multiple fill & empty process for the volume of fruit to be pressed.