These high quality stainless tanks are perfect for the small producer.

Variable capacity tanks allow the vintner to adjust the capacity to their exact needs each time, maximizing floor space and usage time, critical in the efficient use of capital. Vintners are never certain exactly how much juice their vines will yield so the variable capacity tank that is selected should be larger than required. The lids are held in place with a rubber seal that is pumped up with air allowing the vintner to eliminate as much air in the head space as possible during the process. Being of variable capacity, the lid floats on the wine and is locked off at any level in the tank. The wine can then be drawn off with minimal contact with air. These tanks are high quality 304 stainless steel with a smooth internal and external finish. Made in Italy with stainless steel floater, pump with pressure gauge, air tube, airlock release valve and nickel-plated draining tap. Optional stands in stainless steel are available. These can also be used as open top fermenters.

Available in sizes from 100 to 4,000 liter capacity with flat bases.